deductive reasoning

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deductive reasoning,

n the ability to distill the pertinent facts and details of a situation from a wider body of evidence and generalizations.
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Individual differences in verbal working memory are linked with performance on deductive reasoning tasks (Oberaucr et al.
According to Bunge, director of the Building Blocks of Cognition Laboratory, deductive reasoning, such as language comprehension, taxes a predominantly left-hemisphere brain network, whereas spatial cognition taxes a predominantly right-hemisphere network.
A poor problem space is thus also an obstacle for developing strategies of connecting facts in problem space, to structure the facts in knowledge base, and to develop deductive reasoning (Figure 1).
Capitalising on the victory they had scored over the proponents of reason, the conservative traditionalists came up with a series of fatwas that essentially condemned those who relied on deductive reasoning as heretics.
Deductive reasoning makes parenting more effective and much easier in a lot of other areas, too.
Inferences can be valid or invalid and can proceed through either deductive reasoning or inductive reasoning.
Among the "CSI"-age innovations here is the wrinkle of having words pop up onscreen to help illustrate Holmes' powers of deductive reasoning, while Watson--logically, if you think about it--now blogs about their various adventures.
Clinicians, in making decisions about exercise prescription, must make informed decisions based on the empirical evidence (generated by empirical studies and inductive reasoning); but must vet the empirical evidence through a process of deductive reasoning as they take general understanding and apply it very specifically to a case.
What is the relationship of the categories (Inference Making -- IM, Assumption Recognition -- AR, Deductive Reasoning -- DR, Interpretation -- IN, and Argument Evaluation -- AE) of the Watson-Glaser Pre and Post Test data?
Israeli officials and their intelligence-gathering network could have applied some deductive reasoning.
PURISTS will probably baulk at Guy Ritchie's attempt to reinvent the great detective as an all-out action hero, but there's still plenty of the supersleuth's trademark deductive reasoning on show.
A brilliant London-based "consulting detective", Holmes is famous for his intellectual prowess and his skilful use of astute observation and deductive reasoning.