deductive reasoning

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deductive reasoning,

n the ability to distill the pertinent facts and details of a situation from a wider body of evidence and generalizations.
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An Efficient Algorithm for the Generalized Partially Instantiated Same Generation Query in Deductive Databases, The International Arab Journal of Information Technology, 1(1) 142-146.
Deductive scenarios are far more commonly used in futures projects than inductive scenarios, primarily because they are more well known and easier to develop and explain.
This distinction is thus different in focus from the explicit-implicit opposition, although they are related in the sense that any deductive design is by definition an explicit one as it requires the provision of rules.
The above literature review leads to the hypothesis that the total critical thinking score and its components such as inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, evaluation, analysis, and inference are affected by college classification (class/year in school), high school GPA, high school rank, SAT verbal scores, SAT mathematical scores (math), gender, race and major.
The deductive methods can help reinforce the message that there are reasons behind all the formulas in mathematics.
He proceeds to contrast this "dialogue theory of explanation" with Hempel's deductive nomological, or covering law, model (pp.
SILENT WITNESS BBC1 9pm The team have to use all of their deductive skills when Russian oligarch Maksim Bazhanov (Dragan Micanovic, above right) is nearly killed in a botched assassination attempt.
Worse, without it a generation will have missed its education in deductive reasoning, one of the most valuable gifts our ancestors have left us, leaving them putty in the hands of those skilled in manipulation.
Their starkly literal simplicity was framed by Michael Fried as deductive reasoning, the surface design easily inferred from the shape of the canvas.
This interpretation of the role of natural law considerations in Aquinas's ethics makes it possible to avert the tendency "to portray ethics as a primarily deductive science in which moral imperatives are deduced from basic naturally known principles" (p.
Ingenium Pharmaceuticals AG, a pioneer of Deductive Genomics, today announces the appointment of two leading international biotechnology entrepreneurs to its Supervisory Board.