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Dutch Echographic Cardiac Risk Evaluation Applying Stress Echo. A trial that compared the cardioprotective effect of a beta-blocker—bisoprolol—in high-risk patients undergoing major vascular surgery with standard therapy
Results 20 serious cardiac events, cardiac deaths or MIs occurred with standard therapy, 2 with beta-blockers
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Based on these data, we hypothesized that MEHP decreases aromatase through activation of PPAR[alpha] and PPAR[gamma] in the rat granulosa cell.
The resulting fugitive amine in the core room can react with the sand mix in the hopper, resulting in problems identical to those brought about by decreases in benchlife.
Camps in the West experienced the greatest decreases in teen enrollments.
The replacement light truck tire market segment is projected to decrease by approximately 7.
During 2001 NSTAR has requested Cost of Gas adjustment decreases from $1.
Furthermore, because the Plan allows participants to diversify their investments, the liability to Plan participants must be revalued on the balance sheet each accounting period at the assets' then-quoted market prices and increases or decreases between accounting periods reflected on the income statement as increases or decreases in compensation expense.
Sales to leading supermarkets (which include Albertson's, Andronicos, Draegers, Fred Meyer, Haggens, Larry's Markets, QFC, Rosauers, Safeway, and Top Foods) and the food service segment grew for the quarter, but were partially offset by sales decreases in the office coffee service segment, which has been depressed by the weak economy.
The decreases are the result of a lower Standard Offer Service Fuel Adjustment rate.
These decreases are primarily a factor of the slowness in the realization of projects from the Company's customer base.
Newly renovated and upgraded hotels nearby have contributed to decreases in room, banquet, and food and beverage revenues.
Similar decreases would be seen for business customers.
Crude oil revenues recorded by the Working Interest Owners decreased 32% to $7,250,551 in the fourth quarter of 2003 from $10,633,489 in the third quarter of 2003 due to decreases in production as well as a decrease in the average prices received.