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A proposal stating that the peer review process for a scientific manuscript should be separated conceptually from its publication in a peer-reviewed journal, to decrease costs associated with publishing manuscripts in highly-specialized, low-volume journals
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Decoupled debit cards allow cardholders to access funds from their checking accounts through the ACH system, using an electronic check instead of debit or credit card systems.
However, as inflationary pressures have returned quite rapidly and the CAD continues to rise sharply, it is quite early to argue that Turkey has decoupled from the rest of the world.
In order to understand the impact of the decoupling process, it was necessary to evaluate a large number of luminaires in the context of the coupled and decoupled BUG ratings to determine if the decoupling process shifted the luminaire ratings substantially.
The presented results prove that real-time multiple model adaptive decoupled continuous-time control is appropriate method of control for this laboratory setup.
Figure 2 shows low, high and decoupled magnetization data that clearly indicates the importance of the decoupling process in determining intricacies in pipeline damage.
5) More than 20 states decoupled from Federal bonus depreciation.
Mr Harden, who milks 500 cows near Pwllheli on the Lln Peninsula, says decoupled payments could amount to a lot more money than the profit earned at the moment from milking cows.
CLA Wales chairman Mr Harden, who milks 500 cows near Pwllheli, says decoupled payments would be an attractive option for dairy farmers who are earning little or no profit at the moment.
However, the highest frequencies must be decoupled by the lowest inductance possible, which means putting low-L surface-mount devices in parallel and placing them as near to the chip as possible.
have expressed concerns that the treaty's network of sensors may be inadequate to detect all nuclear tests, especially those that are cavity decoupled.
com , the nation's leading provider of merchant branded PIN-based debit cards with hundreds of thousands active in the market, today announced it has been issued a third United States patent in the area of decoupled debit technology.
The main objective of the SPS was to shift policy orientation from market support to decoupled income support to farmers, thus enhancing farmers market orientation and achieving a greater decentralisation.