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A proposal stating that the peer review process for a scientific manuscript should be separated conceptually from its publication in a peer-reviewed journal, to decrease costs associated with publishing manuscripts in highly-specialized, low-volume journals
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By stringing together a series of such sports halls, it might be possible to excavate a cavern large enough to fully decouple a 10-kiloton nuclear explosion from its normal seismic signature, Leith says.
The most important challenge in quantum information is therefore to decouple a quantum bit from the environment but at the same time maintain as strong a coupling as possible to the other quantum bits.
Non-mathematical decoupling relies on an understanding of the physical system and service processes to decouple faults.
Few legislative changes should be expected in the Federal arena, while more and more states will surely decouple the pick-up tax.
The characteristic dimension of a decoupled explosion, on the other hand, is typically much shorter; a cavity designed to decouple a 1 KT explosion would have walls that move elastically, without deforming, at only 25 meters from the explosion.
Trucost assessed the ability of organisations to decouple financial growth from environmental impact, by increasing revenue whilst decreasing their absolute impact.
Web services today typically decouple the person who authorizes or requests a transaction from the Web services transaction.