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Immunology To positively stain cells or tissues by immunoperoxidase; when a cell or tissue has an antigen of interest—e.g., cytokeratin—it is said to be ‘decorated’ if it stains with monoclonal antibodies to cytokeratin The substrate for most immunohistochemical methods yields a red-brown color, and these techniques are thus generically known as ‘brown stains’
Vox populi
(1) To furnish or adorn with something ornamental; embellish
(2) To confer a particular honour on a person, especially military—e.g., a medal for bravery
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The seven essays and ninety-seven object entries that constitute this catalogue are nicely organized around the role of the decorative arts within the context of life in the Roman Baroque palace, encompassing activities from dining to theatrical spectacle to private devotion.
Lighting, together with decorative art, goes through phases.
Durakon is evaluating a number of decorative films and TPO compounds from various suppliers.
On behalf of these clients, Elite Decorative Arts is looking to purchase estate jewelry, gold, oil paintings, porcelain figures, plaques, vases, old watches, furniture, jewelry, cut glass, pottery, designer 50's-70's modern furniture, enamel items, luggage, designer bags, coins, bronze, marble and ivory objects, and more.
PRODUCT OVERVIEW II-28 Decorative Laminates II-28 Benefits of Laminate Flooring II-28 1.
Table 61: Japanese 10-Year Perspective for Decorative Laminates by End-Use Segment- Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Sales for Kitchen & Bathroom Applications, Furniture, Floorings, Store Fixtures, Wall Panels, and Others Markets for Years 2003, 2008 and 2012 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-26
It's noted for a tier at the top of the window and panels with small rings sewn on the top and then slipped onto a decorative rod in the center of the window, hemmed just below the bottom of the window.
critics as un abashedly affirming the decorative, while Italian critics tend to associate his work with the metaphysical tradition of the sublime, but in a light and confectionery mode--one of apparent naivete and bright, cheerful colors.
The study, compiled by the term of George Carter & Affiliates and Resource Information Systems, looks at decorative overlay usage from 1981 through 1990 and projects usage through 2001.
com has added a new market research report: US Decorative Laminates Market http://www.
Not only can the application of traditional decorative wood (or plaster or plastic) trim turn a standard stucco tract home into a customized beauty with all the architectural enhancement of a pre-World War II home, it also adds instant resale value for very little money if you do it yourself, say decorating experts across the country.