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Immunology To positively stain cells or tissues by immunoperoxidase; when a cell or tissue has an antigen of interest—e.g., cytokeratin—it is said to be ‘decorated’ if it stains with monoclonal antibodies to cytokeratin The substrate for most immunohistochemical methods yields a red-brown color, and these techniques are thus generically known as ‘brown stains’
Vox populi
(1) To furnish or adorn with something ornamental; embellish
(2) To confer a particular honour on a person, especially military—e.g., a medal for bravery
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About Wilton Wilton Enterprises, founded in 1929, helps consumers in more than 100 countries create, decorate and celebrate, by making the memorable and the beautiful fun and easy.
roller with the ability to decorate 360[degrees] on cylindrical parts in one step.
People wave when they go by and decorate for the holidays.
3 -- color) Lifestyle guru Katie Brown wraps cheesecloth around a chair to create a fall shawl, then decorates with autumn leaves - or masks or bags of candy - and holds them in place with wire or a glue gun.
3--Color) Bonnie Fleming decorates a topiary giraffe for young actor Jonathan Lipnicki's (``Jerry Maguire'') Hanukkah tree for the fourth annual Christmas Tree Lane.
roller with the ability to decorate 360|degrees~ on cylindrical parts in one step.
Create the illusion of a bed canopy with a piece of gauze draped over a bamboo rod suspended from ceiling on two hooks; decorate with beads.
Acrobot 1000 microprocessor-controlled machine, which has an optional self-learning programming capability for customized shapes, can decorate all sides in a single pass while providing precision accuracy and repeatability.
Company's five standard semi-automatic screen-printer models decorate objects which range in size and shape from vials, bottles, and diskettes to 5-gal pails and large control panels.