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Immunology To positively stain cells or tissues by immunoperoxidase; when a cell or tissue has an antigen of interest—e.g., cytokeratin—it is said to be ‘decorated’ if it stains with monoclonal antibodies to cytokeratin The substrate for most immunohistochemical methods yields a red-brown color, and these techniques are thus generically known as ‘brown stains’
Vox populi
(1) To furnish or adorn with something ornamental; embellish
(2) To confer a particular honour on a person, especially military—e.g., a medal for bravery
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It provides details about which holidays they decorate their homes and what kind of decorations they use, how much they spend and where they buy decorations.
Nearly 70 percent of decorators plan to decorate with traditional Christmas red and green.
As part of the Grand Prize, Danielle will travel to the winner's home to design and decorate one room -- a total prize package valued at $5,000.
Then, he got his family involved, and now three generations of Hameses come together every year to build and decorate the Glendale float - the real-life embodiment of the 2005 Rose Parade theme: ``Celebrate Family.
Of course you'll want to decorate with carved pumpkins, some topped with Western hats, and have guests come in cowboy and cowgirl costumes.
It can decorate up to 360[degrees] with hot-stamp foils or preprinted heat transfers on parts from 0.
For its inspiration, Square Nest has taken a step back to the entertaining heyday of the sixties and seventies to create new and innovative ways to decorate areas of the home and to host America's guests.
Decorate with lots of white votive and pillar candles in assorted clear containers or glasses all around.
roller with the ability to decorate 360 [degrees] on cylindrical parts in one step.
They include units that decorate a wider variety of shapes, including continuous-motion machines for three-dimensional parts and new types of in-mold heat transfers.
OK, so you're going to decorate your home for the holidays, but you're not really excited about making marks on your furniture, walls and doors as you hang holly, greens and mistletoe.
Five standard semi-automatic screen-printer models decorate objects from vials, bottles and diskettes, to 5-gal pails and large control panels.