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1. A mathematic technique for solution of functions whose input includes their output; used to solve for the image elements in computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging.
2. Computer-based process for enhancing image definition in microscopy.
[de- + L. convulutio, a rolling up, fr. convolvo, to roll up]
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Deconvolution analysis of cardiac natriuretic peptides during acute volume overload.
Most previous attempts at quantifying monoester P species using deconvolution analysis of [sup.
KEY WORDS: bioavailability, BPA, chronic exposure, deconvolution analysis, endocrine disruptor, food effect, oral bolus, pharmacokinetic analysis.
The deconvolution analysis was performed using the mean of pooled unconjugated BPA-[d.
Figures 7 and 8 show the results of the deconvolution analysis of the O(1s) and the C(1s) peaks for the mixture before and after surface tension measurement.