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The growing prevalence of healthcare-associated infections has led to increasing use of HPV decontamination systems in hospitals and facilities worldwide.
The demand for the decontamination of laboratory-scale incubators among customers on a regular basis due to various research changes or accidental spillage, has led to increasing adoption of HPV decontamination systems in this segment.
The result was a decontamination factor (the ratio of radiation fields after decontamination to that before decontamination) of 7.
In the AP/Can-Derem decontamination process, the decontamination acidic solution is "regenerated.
Last year, The Island Departments of Emergency Management, Environmental Protection, Transportation and Emergency Medical Services purchased TVI decontamination and operations shelter systems through federal grants from the US Department of Homeland Security and the Health and Human Resources Administration (HHRSA).
The South Carolina State Office of Emergency Management, after a similar evaluation, has purchased twenty-two TVI Mass Casualty Decontamination Systems for their Police and Fire Services.

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