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3 million and transfer the submarine rescue decompression chambers to the Government, at which time the Company would have no further obligations or claims under this contract.
The complex science of saturation diving circumvented these problems with the aid of devices like decompression chambers.
RISKY: Even with modern gear, diving can still be dangerous; PROTEST: Clare Lucas (third from right) joins relatives of other divers killed in Norwegian-owned North Sea; TRAGIC: Seen right are Roy Lucas (left) and Billy Crammond, who died in 1983 after a hatch was opened in the decompression chamber they were working in; CRUEL SEA: Clare Lucas claims the quest for North Sea oil was considered to be worth more than the lives of rig workers
He had treatment in a decompression chamber in Craigavon - the only one in Northern Ireland.
A second person involved was airlifted to hospital for treatment in a decompression chamber.
The charity - which offers pure oxygen treatment to relieve conditions like multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy - had managed to raise pounds 2,000 towards the cost of replacement chairs in its decompression chamber.
Whether Stanford wilts or survives depends on Montgomery's ability to maintain a decompression chamber.
Betty's team raised money to pay for Scot-land's first laser treatment for cervical cancer, the country's first bionic hand and a decompression chamber for MS sufferers.
Designed to provide an environment where guests can rebound from travel-related stress and perform at their very best, the Renewal Suite features a decompression chamber, spa bath, Zen-like home gym, chromotherapy and tranquil water, light and music features throughout.
Contract notice: special truck for the transportation of iso containers, container iso with mobile decompression chamber, iso container for surviving and iso containers for transporting material - iso container for emergency survival.
com)-- A three day Deck Decompression Chamber (DDC) operator course was recently conducted at Samcheonpo Seoul hospital in Sacheon City, South Korea on the 7 - 9 October 2014.
The Shetland Coastguard rescue helicopter then airlifted the diver to the Balfour Hospital in Kirkwall, which has a decompression chamber.