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1. To resolve a compound into its component parts; to disintegrate.
2. To decay; to putrefy.
[L. de, from, down, + com-pono, pp. -positus, to put together]


v. decom·posed, decom·posing, decom·poses
1. To separate into components or basic elements.
2. To cause to rot.
1. To become broken down into components; disintegrate.
2. To decay; rot or putrefy.

de′com·pos′a·bil′i·ty n.
de′com·pos′a·ble adj.
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More on Identification in Detailed Wage Decompositions.
Table 1 reports the generalized forecast error variance decompositions (in percentages) of the interest rates (represented by the three-month Treasury bill rate) due to shocks in the federal government deficits for the sample periods 1959 to 2002 (Panel A) and 1975 to 2002 (Panel B), respectively.
To determine the influence of residual ammonium acrylate moieties in emulsion films, their rates of decomposition were studied under a variety of conditions, and the amount of residual acid-salt in ink films was correlated to resistance properties.
Our spatial decomposition program has the following added features.
Cholesky decomposition is a fundamental tool in numerical linear algebra, and the standard algorithm for its computation is considered as one of the most numerically stable among all matrix algorithms.
Composition and decomposition of design patterns are basic operations
The decomposition products pose the highest health hazard.
Adequacy of decompositions of relational databases.
f] are the initial weight, the actual weight at any decomposition time, and the final weight at the end of thermal decomposition process, respectively.
The branchwidth of the graph G is the minimum width over all possible branch decompositions of G.
Additionally, based on the experimental results at higher reaction temperatures, two separate mechanisms were proposed for the decomposition of DEKTP: a sequential decomposition of the O-O groups at temperatures between 110 and 130[degrees]C and a total decomposition of the three O-O groups at temperatures higher than 130[degrees]C [12, 13].