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1. To resolve a compound into its component parts; to disintegrate.
2. To decay; to putrefy.
[L. de, from, down, + com-pono, pp. -positus, to put together]


v. decom·posed, decom·posing, decom·poses
1. To separate into components or basic elements.
2. To cause to rot.
1. To become broken down into components; disintegrate.
2. To decay; rot or putrefy.

de′com·pos′a·bil′i·ty n.
de′com·pos′a·ble adj.
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Decomposed granite has been popular at dog parks on the West Coast for the past decade and has gained popularity in other parts of the country lately.
He admitted being responsible for 18 decomposed carcasses, bags of animal waste and a cow's head found on his land.
The system comprises an electrolytic tank, which generates easily decomposed intermediates by forming hypochlorous acids through the addition of salt and oxidizing organic substances, and a catalytic tank, which gasifies and decomposes the intermediates and surplus hypochlorous acids by means of oxidoreduction reactions.
The police took out the man's decomposed body, later identified as Nitin.
A mass grave was found south of Buhrez district, (5 km) south of Baaquba, in which 153 decomposed bodies of civilians, policemen and army soldiers were discovered," Maj.
The flesh and organs are completely decomposed in 4 hours, leaving bones as the only solid remains.
The most critical feature of a common-item nonequivalent groups equating design is that the average score difference between the new and old groups can be accurately decomposed into a group ability difference and a form difficulty difference.
Medical examinations later revealed Mr Fleming, who had a history of health problems including kidney failure, ulcers and previously suffered a heart attack, had been dead for around three weeks, meaning his body was heavily decomposed and difficult to examine in a post mortem.
The body was so badly decomposed that police have so far been unable to identify who it is.
1 : to break down or be broken down into simpler parts or substances especially by the action of living things (as bacteria and fungi) <Leaves decomposed on the forest floor.
Summary: A decomposed body was found Friday near a former Syrian intelligence center in the Bekaa Valley town of Anjar, Lebanese newspapers reported on Saturday.