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a nursing outcome from the Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) defined as the ability to make judgments and choose between two or more alternatives. See also Nursing Outcomes Classification.


n the process of coming to a conclusion or making a judgment.
decision-making, evidence-based,
n a type of informal decision-making that combines clinical expertise, patient concerns, and evidence gathered from scientific literature to arrive at a diagnosis and treatment recommendations. See also evidence-based care.
decision-making, statistical,
n a type of formal decision-making that proceeds from a hypothesis to a conclusion by incorporating such techniques as statistical inference and significance, probability analysis, literature review, sampling, and discussion.
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The framework recognizes the clinical reality in which nurses may return from evaluation to any point in the decision-making process, or may recognize the need for assistance and choose to involve another health care professional.
To this point, this paper has illustrated that (1) that decision making is a cognitive process (2) there are no good or bad decision makers, only different decision-making styles, (3) that decision making is individualistic influenced by cultural orientation and life circumstances, and (4) that whatever people do is correct, there is no wrong decision, as long as a some decision is made.
The fear of making a mistake, of not being perfect, carries over into career planning, as unhealthy perfectionists may try to avoid or delay decision-making or may acquiesce to plans made by trusted adults who "know best.
Technology promises the power to deliver insight through applied logic, selectivity and monitoring of key relationships, which offer rich inputs to the decision-making discussion and drive better and faster decision-making.
The value of place-based decision-making is in defining the local-component of socioeconomic and environmental objectives for a place, provided these objectives also reflect non-local values that are defined at a provincial or higher level.
The purpose of this article is to review relevant research on cognitive decision-making skills and to demonstrate how these skills facilitate the overall development of students with mild disabilities (Wehemeyer, 1993; Dunn & Shumaker, 1997).
In many relationships, men hold power over sexual decision-making, including condom use.
However, the regulatory context of this empowering, professional-family partnership is one in which all understand and seek to avoid escalation up the pyramid's levels to a more coercive regulatory response in which the state, through its social workers and/or family court, take over the decision-making process.
1) For additional information, see Gary Klein, "An Overview of Naturalistic Decision-Making Applications," in C.
A culturally responsive model clearly supports the first two steps, but we question if it is our obligation to facilitate families' engagement in a decision-making model.
Conclusion: Ensuring positive self-related factors affected adults' effective decision-making choices.
299b-36] and titled Program to Facilitate Shared Decision-making.

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