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To convert encrypted electronic information to plain text.
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Decipher offers valuable insight that is distinct from clinical measures of risk including PSA and Gleason score.
We welcome all opportunities that enhance the development of new analytical methods to understand patterns of polymorphism and refining critical intervals to map genes involved in specific phenotypes and diseases," says Matt Hurles, Senior Group Leader and PI of the DECIPHER Project at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.
By collating and presenting phenotype-linked variant data (sequence and copy-number variants) obtained in a clinical or research setting, DECIPHER helps maximise chances of the discovery of clusters of patients that share similar genetic findings and phenotype, and encourage collaboration between the 250 clinical and research labs and external users.
Decipher Forensics said it would charge a fee of between 300-500 dollars - and require access to the phone for at least one day - in order to recover photos from the application.
The first assumption is that the language one is trying to decipher has an alphabet.
Professor Laurence Moore, director of CISHE and who leads Decipher, said operating under one roof would aid the progression of the research functions.
True enough, there are notes on the page, but as I watched my little ones stumble and fall as they struggled to decipher the mess .
Part philosophical treatise, part road map, Casting the Net Over Global Learning covers such diverse topics as workings of the human brain, introduction to learning theory, how to decipher the numerous corporate "chiefs" (such as, CLO--chief learning officer), and an overview of online education from kindergarten to corporate university.
As usual, we put together a panel of market mavens who can decipher today's investment climate.
But O'Doherty immediately saw the opportunity to do something very different with the unusual box form of the magazine: Dedicating the volume to Mallarme, he set out to put into practice the French poet's hermeticism and the level of interaction it demands from the reader (who in order to decipher the text might have to spend as much time as the poet did in composing it).
It's in your genes--and scientists are racing to decipher them
The new office will allow Decipher to better serve its existing east coast clientele as well as create new opportunities for the company to provide superior online research solutions to potential clients in the east and mid-west.