Removal from the center.

decentration (dec)

A displacement, horizontal and/or vertical, of the centration point of a spectacle lens from the standard optical centre position (British Standard). See standard optical position centre; centration point.
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In a study of over 4,000 clinical records from 46 separate silicone hydrogel contact lens studies on a group of 220 subjects, excessive lens movement and inferior lens decentration were significantly associated with discomfort and dryness.
Optical performance of 3 intraocular lens designs in the presence of decentration.
It requires decentration (Piaget, 1963/1963) and sufficient executive control to shift focus rapidly from favored dimensions to less favored ones as appropriate.
If James Curran and Myung-Jin Park (2) believed a decade ago that we cannot establish a center out of where the globalization is being spread, today it is even less possible to highlight this center considering the vertiginous development of communication through new technologies and enhancing the feeling of decentration of the world.
The conflict makes a participant coordinate his actions with those of other participants, which involves him into the decentration process putting him against different points of view, he is able to admit not without certain cognitive reconstruction (Perret-Clermont 1981).
Decentration, keeping control of all decisions in the central government but moving some administrative authority out to appointed bodies such as regional and district commissioners (Kenya and Cote d'Ivoire are cited as examples).
Emprunte a la gestion de l'entreprise, le concept de gouvemance (Duchastel 2004), du moins dans la pensee politique, exprime une volonte d'imprimer un mouvement de << decentration >> des mecanismes de decision impliquant une multiplicite de lieux et d'acteurs (Wachter et al.
Celle-ci suppose entre autres une << decentration >> par rapport a la culture d'origine et une comprehension de l'Autre, dans un mouvement de decentration et re-centration culturelles.
She could not tolerate contact lenses secondary to recurrent corneal abrasions and decrease in vision from lens decentration.
En effet, le mediateur interculturel etant une personne qui a developpe une aptitude a la decentration par rapport a sa culture d'origine, il pourra prendre conscience de sa propre culture tout en observant et en comprenant la culture de l'autre.
Stages of Cognitive and Moral Development Piaget Kohlberg Stage 1 Heteronymous morality; Punishment and obedience; Here-and-now immediacy Centering on the or vulnerability to a immediate-attending to pronounced feature of the one feature at a time, Current situation, unidimensional thinking, egocentric or self-centered attending to superficial or surface features Stage 2 Reciprocity as a fact, Instrumental purpose and pragmatic exchanges (tit- exchange; for-tat); Individualism; Moral autonomy; Decentration and growth Concrete decentration.
In order to modify this approach, a total decentration has to be realized, aiming at abolishing all privileges granted to man in order to acknowledge animal rights and nature as a whole, which is a moral and legal status, which surmo unts the human being.