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1. To cut off the head; specifically, to remove the head of a fetus to facilitate deivery in cases of irremediable dystocia, obsolete procedure; to cut off the head of an animal in preparation for certain physiologic experiments.
2. Relating to an experimental animal with the head removed.
[L. de-, away, + caput, head]
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Reports also say Hansen admitted to attacking his mother and trying to decapitate her; he said he "failed to get his kill".
FEDERAL agents have broken up a plot to assassinate US presidential candidate Barack Obama and shoot or decapitate 102 black people in a murder spree in Tennessee.
ZOMBIE flicks are back in vogue, but why watch actors decapitate them when you can do it yourself?
It's a lethal weapon from a moving bus which could decapitate someone on the road or the footpath or cause serious injury.