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 [da-brēd´] (Fr.)
to remove by débridement.


, débridement (di-brēd′mĕnt, dā-brēd-mon(t)′ ) [Fr. débrider, to remove a bridle]
The removal of foreign material and dead or damaged tissue, esp. in a wound. debride, débride (dĕ-brēd′, dā-)

autolytic debridement

A form of enzymatic débridement that uses the body's own enzymes to remove necrotic or nonviable tissue.

canal debridement

The removal of organic and inorganic debris from a dental root canal by mechanical or chemical methods. This procedure is done in preparation for sealing the canal to prevent further decay of the tooth.

enzymatic dbridement

Use of proteolytic enzymes to remove dead tissue from a wound. The enzymes do not attack viable tissues.

epithelial debridement

The removal of the entire epithelial lining or attachment epithelium from a periodontal pocket.

mechanical debridement

The removal of necrotic or devitalized tissue from a wound using friction, hydrotherapy, scraping, or wet-to-dry dressings.

sharp debridement

Removal of necrotic tissue from a wound with a scalpel or a related surgical tool.


[Fr.] to remove by débridement.
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Physicians and patients seem to be willing to try MDT to debride hard-to-heal wounds (Heitkamp et al.
It is impossible to determine with the naked eye how deeply necrotic tissue extends into the wound bed, so most practitioners debride sharply until they reach healthy tissue--causing pain, bleeding and damage.
In the view of above incidence and variability in canal configuration, (15) in our present case reports, all the necessary steps to locate, debride and clean and shape the complex anatomy have been followed.
You've got to debride all the way back to live tissue.
The minimally invasive technique, known as FAST[TM] (Fasciotomy and Surgical Tenotomy), utilizes the company's proprietary TX1[TM] Tissue Removal System to cut, debride and remove diseased tissue in an out-patient setting using only a local anesthetic (www.
Dans une seconde partie, le rythme etait nettement plus debride avec des danses tantot lentes tantot rapides.
L'Angleterre a fait un grand pas vers les quarts de finale de l'Euro-2012 en battant 3-2 vendredi au stade olympique de Kiev une equipe de Suede desormais eliminee, au bout d'un match spectaculaire et debride mais techniquement assez faible.
The only different twist I have in my practice is the use of a Bic razor to debride the lesions, especially those on the plantar surface, by the patient or parents following a keratolytic agent such as salicylic acid under duct tape.
PARIS -- Using maggots to debride a wound may be hard to stomach, but the technique offers a number of advantages, according to one expert who spoke at a meeting of the World Union of Wound Healing Societies.
The day before evaluation and retreatment, patients were to debride the wart with an emery board.
The minimally invasive procedure, known as FAST[TM] (Focused Aspiration of Scar Tissue), utilizes the company's proprietary TX1[TM] Tissue Removal System to cut, debride and aspirate diseased soft tissue and bone spurs in an out-patient setting using local anesthetic (www.
Le soleil est revenu mais le jeu ne s'est pas debride pour autant.