(dē-bŏnd′ĭng) [″ + ″]
In orthodontics, the removal of a bracket from a tooth.


Removal of orthodontic brackets and residual adhesive, after which the tooth surface is returned to its normal contour.


n a procedure by which brackets and bonding resin are removed and the surface of the tooth is restored to its previous condition.
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In fact, the debonding favored by coating agent, creates more voids on the matrix, and reduces the sensitivity towards crazing.
The infrared and video data collected for each of the 11 decks was analyzed to quantify and map overlay debonding, rebar-level delamination, patching, and spalling.
According to the researchers, debonding between the reinforcing phase and the polymeric bed is not very important in composites without the presence of nanoparticles, and the assumption of ideal contact is mostly correct.
The indentation debonding method has also been applied to hard refractory coatings as demonstrated by the work of Weppelmann, Hu and Swain.
For 3D-IC TSV applications, polymer adhesive bonding plays an important role in temporary bonding and debonding applications, where product wafers are temporarily mounted on carriers with the aid of organic adhesives to enable reliable thinning and backside processing.
Objective: "This proposal aims at providing fundamental research results in computational mechanical modelling of structural interfaces at different scales, encompassing debonding and contact phenomena.
While great progress has been made in via formation and filling, process steps such as debonding during wafer thinning remain problematic.
The results suggest that the proposed scratch methodology for determining the onset of coating debonding gives good reproducibility and follows the expected trend of coating adhesion degradation due to environmental exposure.
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She has performed examinations to assess the quality and condition of concrete, analyzed strength and setting issues, freeze--thaw and chemical-related deterioration, and debonding and delamination.
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