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Debeaking and forced molting are prohibited under the AWI standards.
I'VE just got back from my pre-Easter holiday break, a relaxing weekend of chicken debeaking on the former anthrax island of Gruinard (well, what more fitting location could there be for a miserable, whining hack like me?
On factory farms, turkeys frequently have the ends of their beaks and toes cut off without anesthesia -- practices know as debeaking and detoeing -- to prevent them from injuring one another as they are crowded by the thousands into dark, filthy warehouses.
Friedrich's letter said the debeaking method, common to the vast majority of the nation's egg producers, is painful and "enormously stressful" to the birds.
Consumers trust the Soil Association symbol standards because they differ in certain crucial areas that are of vital importance: equivalence of overseas certifiers, animal welfare (including chicken debeaking and densities) and the use of certain chemicals and practices that represent loopholes in the original EU legislation.
But a study by the Institute of Small Animal Research found debeaking caused "life- long suffering" as nerve endings are concentrated at the tip of the ducks' beak - the part which is removed.
The only sure cure for cannibalism is debeaking, a practice which many small flock owners find repugnant.
For example, in many of these labeling schemes, 'free range' birds still spend their entire lives tightly packed together in sheds, physical mutilations like debeaking and tail docking are still allowed, and there are no requirements for outdoor access for some species.