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They begin in the 17th century where dancing went from being frowned upon as dangerous and debauched to being celebrated as an essential social skill in the 18th century.
The story is reimagined "through the debauched and twisted eyes of one cynical raconteur and his gaggle of gormless goons".
GARY Oldman and Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard star in the latest video from David Bowie, featuring debauched Catholic clergymen.
Then it got steadily more drunken and debauched and then as I have got older, it has got steadily less drunken and debauched.
The rompingest big-screen homage to the golden age of the small screen, this comedy features Peter O'Toole as a debauched former matinee idol and Mark Linn-Baker as the nebbish charged with keeping him from drinking and whoring himself into oblivion before an appearance on a Sid Caesar-like variety show.
I'd heard the Edinburgh Festival was a wonderful, debauched place where people sleep with lots of other people and everyone walks around naked and takes enormous amounts of cocaine" - Actor Richard E Grant.
Has Bickerton's debauched antihero achieved domestic bliss?
In the twentieth century, the aristocracy became a plutocracy, but many of the same criticisms remained--the image of the debauched elite persisted even as the old aristocracy lost its economic power, its houses and its land.
Ellen Kent and Opera International recreate the Duke's debauched court by introducing nudity.
Johnny Depp lends a touch of class to Laurence Dunmore's feature film debut, a debauched yet rather grim costume romp adapted for the screen by Stephen Jeffreys from his own stage play.
That would be "Stoned," and it's an oddity for reasons well beyond its debauched subject matter.
In a biting satire of student life in higher education today, Wolfe describes, with relentless detail, a debauched culture drenched in alcohol, sex, and play, where athletic prowess is king, and fraternity boys while away the days and nights boozing and notching new sexual conquests.