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These exchanges persuaded Foucault that the buttonmaker, who reportedly debauched and procured "young folk," was "associated" with the jeweler, who reportedly propositioned apprentices and corrupted "children" with money (20 January 1781).
On Tuesday Mark Guerin made a most appealing Tom Rakewell, the gullible hero who is debauched and finally destroyed by satanic Nick Shadow.
From 90s ska music to heavy metal, from indie to grunge, from hip hop to debauched and glamorous cabaret artists.
The 56-year-old is proud to have survived his debauched rock 'n' roll lifestyle and will carry on "as long as it's fun".
Inside Loaded, the BB girls appear in an eight-page photo session, the mag calls "our most debauched cover shoot".
The fashion show featured somber, emaciated models garbed in patchwork quilt dresses, silver lace/sequin/gray jersey pantsuits, feathered capes and debauched shredded '30s satin gowns meandering to scratchy dance hall tunes.
Singer Par Wilksten can try all he likes to undermine this image with lurid tales of the band's debauched behaviour and increasingly malevolent lyrics but the Wannadies are just too cuddly for these efforts to convince.
I do happen to feel, with Theodor Adorno, that writing a book is a very important ethical act, consuming so much of one's life; and that, in these disgusting times, a writer who does not pursue an alienating formalism (but rather tries to buck us up and tell us not to spit in the face of the present, instead of continuing to serve this corrupt and debauched society although it shits on every walk and befouls every free breath), is, if not a pawn of the system (a lackey, we used to say), then probably a liar and a hypocrite.
The debauched Manhattan club world of the time seems real enough.
FRANZ FERDINAND donned a geek chic uniform in their latest video The band have based their new promo on the Factory studio where Andy Warhol held his debauched pop art parties.
The club started in January 1998 with a debauched launch party in a Central London penthouse.
What does it say that the legendarily debauched Neil seems the most rational guy in the house?