Death Row

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The section of some prisons which houses convicted criminals awaiting execution
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Here are the women on California's death row - the prisoners' names, age and a brief description of the crime:
There are now more than 400 inmates on California's Death Row, more than one-fourth of whom have been there for a decade or more.
Current Death Row inmate Dean Phillip Carter, who posts his reflections on the Internet with the help of a San Francisco radio personality, also talks about the "incredible pressure and stress" of Death Row life.
Of the 19 Death Row inmates who have died in obscurity since 1978, 11 served as their own executioners, six died of natural causes and two were killed in fights, prison officials said.
But under a rule found in no other state, she cannot act as a lawyer in Louisiana - which has more than 4,000 people serving life without parole and almost 100 on death row - unless she becomes a citizen of the United States.
His co-defendant, Ryan Matthews, was released from death row earlier this year after DNA testing, along with other evidence, proved that he is innocent.
Whatever the reason for NPR's cancellation of the series, readers can get an idea of the quality and character of the pieces for themselves, since they are included in this collection of 40 vignettes about life on death row and how criminal justice matters seem to someone who has lived on the row for twelve years.
Abu-Jamal's description of condemned men being rushed inside from the exercise yard during a sudden storm because prison officials fear they might be struck by lightning and thereby escape their official death reminded me of one of the weirder aspects of death row in Texas.
I need but look across the nation, where, as of October 1986, blacks constituted some 40 percent of men on death row, or across Pennsylvania, where, as of August 1988, sixty-one of 113 men--over 50 percent--are black, to see the truth, a truth hidden under black robes and promises of equal rights.
For Harry and I are among the growing numbers of Pennsylvanians on death row, and Harry, because of mind-snapping isolation, a bitterly racist environment, and the ironies, the auguries of fate, has begun the slide from depression, through deterioration, to dementia.
Nationwide, the numbers of women on Death Row are equally slim: There are 49 condemned women, as compared to 3,100 men.
Texas and Florida, states that have led the nation in executions, have not put a woman to death in this century, even though both states have women on Death Row.