death cap

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death cap

The very poisonous mushroom, Amanita phalloides, which resembles edible mushrooms but has a prominent whitish bulb at its base. Sometimes called death cup.


the cessation of all physical and chemical processes that invariably occurs in all living organisms. Even in humans there is at present no standardized diagnosis of clinical death. The existing procedure, and the one recommended for use in animals, is to declare the animal dead when brain death has occurred. Brain death has occurred when the animal is in a deep irreversible coma. The criteria on which a diagnosis of brain death can be made are: (1) absolute unresponsiveness to externally applied stimuli; (2) cessation of movement and breathing, including no spontaneous breathing for 3 minutes after an artificial respirator has been turned off; and (3) complete absence of cephalic reflexes. The pupils of the eyes must be dilated and unresponsive to direct light.

death adder
see death adder.
death agony
involuntary movements of all parts of the body in the few moments before death.
death camas
see zigadenus.
death cap
a mushroom, amanitaphalloides.
clinical death
the absence of heartbeat (no pulse can be felt) and cessation of breathing.
death rate
the number of deaths per stated number of animals in a specified region in a specified, usually annual, time period.
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The Death Cap is native to Europe, where it is widespread, and it can also be found as an introduced species across North and South America, in Australia and in parts of Africa.
DEATH CAP MUSHROOMGREENISH death caps look similar to edible varieties but are for 95% all MUSHROOM fatalities.
A Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police spokesman said officers had earlier shown a death cap fungus to Mrs Tuckey and she had said she had eaten that variety.
One woman died yesterday and another is ill after possibly eating poisonous death cap mushrooms, police said.
No, we've gone for a more literal approach by stuffing this sarnie with a pound of lard, death cap mushroom topping and a flavoursome arsenic mayonnaise.
While those who like mushrooms should avoid eating poisonous varieties like Death Cap, Panther Cap and Destroying Angel.
Amanita phalloides - commonly known as the death cap mushroom - poisoned five San Francisco Bay Area people earlier this year, forcing one 13-year-old girl to undergo a nine-hour partial liver transplant.
Christine Hale, 57, suffered multiple organ failure thought to have been caused by the death cap toadstool.
There is the death cap, he tells me, although thankfully, it hasn't been found in this wood yet.
3 after eating so-called death cap wild mushrooms, known scientifically as Amania phalloides.
Two men - aged 38 and 51 - and a 52-yearold woman were airlifted to hospital in a critical condition after feasting on death cap mushrooms they were accidently served.