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deaminated (dēam´inātəd),

adj pertaining to α-amino acids that have undergone the chemical alteration that removes ammonia (NH3) from glutamate.
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However, ammonia-N was linearly increased as the SSP infusion rate increased, indicating a portion of the infused SSP was degraded and deaminated to ammonia.
RDP is degraded to peptides and amino acids and further deaminated into ammonia.
Treatment of the DNA with sodium bisulfite converts the epigenetic difference between methylated and unmethylated cytosine into a single-base variation of the C/T type (5-methylcytosine remains unaltered, whereas cytosine is selectively deaminated to uracil and amplified as thymidine).
The remaining amino acids are deaminated to generate energy and ammonia, then the ammonia is converted to urea in the liver, the source of BUN and MUN.
In fact, because of the presence of another His in the neighborhood, Asn-50 is rapidly deaminated into an Asp, and by protein chemistry methods only Asp is found.
1998) claimed that when ATP consumption exceeds its supply in a human body, the adenine nucleotide pool is partly deaminated, and this consequently forms IMP and ammonia.