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v to make deaf; to cause the loss of all usable hearing.
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Mine ears would be deafened in death ere they would cease to hear Your Majesty's voice," said Robin.
Where the noise came from, she couldn't make out: the air seemed full of it, and it rang through and through her head till she felt quite deafened.
Five people rushed into the gate of the mansions as three people rushed out, and for an instant they all deafened each other.
I see thee deafened with the noise of the great men, and stung all over with the stings of the little ones.
I came to myself in darkness, in great pain, bound hand and foot, and deafened by many unfamiliar noises.
A loud explosion took place between them; a roar of red fire, thick smoke; and Kayerts, deafened and blinded, rushed back thinking: "I am hit--it's all over.
Captain MacWhirr and Jukes kept hold of each other, deafened by the noise, gagged by the wind; and the great physical tumult beating about their bodies, brought, like an unbridled display of passion, a profound trouble to their souls.
I tarried till the mouths of my hounds were deafened by the blows of the chopper, and then I came west in search of quiet.
I hardly know how I got down, but I was soon at the bottom, and climbing, with two English officers who were crossing and had joined me, over some broken rocks, deafened by the noise, half- blinded by the spray, and wet to the skin.
Deafened by the noise, stifled, choked, and blinded by the dust, they hid their faces and stood rooted to the spot.
Jostling with unemployed labourers of the lowest class, ballast-heavers, coal-whippers, brazen women, ragged children, and the raff and refuse of the river, he makes his way with difficulty along, assailed by offensive sights and smells from the narrow alleys which branch off on the right and left, and deafened by the clash of ponderous waggons that bear great piles of merchandise from the stacks of warehouses that rise from every corner.
One night when tied to the mast, as I explained, we were pumping on, deafened with the wind, and without spirit enough in us to wish ourselves dead, a heavy sea crashed aboard and swept clean over us.