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Body-building One of three power lifting exercises—along with the squat and bench press—in which one lifts a loaded barbell off the ground from a stabilized, bent-over position
World record, two handed deadlift 498.9 kg (1100 lbs), Benedikt Magnússon
World record, one handed deadlift 333.2 kg (734.5 lbs), Hermann Goerner
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It's 261kg for the dead lift, I think I am capable of doing that.
The squat I broke by 10kg, the bench press by 10kg and the dead lift by 15kg.
Each competitor has three lifts at the squat, bench press and dead lift.
An oversized foam dumbbell will be in the booth for showing off the ultimate dead lift.
Competitors in two categories - under 80kg (12st 5lbs) and over 80kgs - will be pitched against each other in challenges including the dead lift, car hold, farmers walk, tyre flip, carry and drag and vehicle pull.
It was a super healthy competition, but it was kind of nice to have someone who you could go, 'OK, how much did you dead lift today?
The most difficult one will be a fire truck pull, but there will also be a 220 kilo dead lift, among other things," he said.
Lifting a weight in real life would be similar to dead lift while dips can help when you climb down a wall," says Reebok master trainer Nisha Verma.
5kg) and dead lift (170kg), for an overall total of 362.
Allison was tuned to perfection for the event as he grasped the bar with great determination in all three disciplines - squat, bench press and dead lift - to take him clear of the field.
The three lifts - squat, bench press, and dead lift - are similar to common weight-training movements used by athletes, rugby players and other sportsmen.
In a November 2011 competition, he hauled 718 pounds in a dead lift.