dazzling glare

dazz·ling glare

glare produced by excessive illumination in the peripheral field.
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The submarine rose into the dazzling glare of Petard's searchlights and the German crew, including Kapitanleutnant Hans Heidtmann, was taken on board under guard.
At no time is this more devastatingly obvious than when he grants interviews to print reporters, when he is not protected by the comfort of a script and is not animated by the dazzling glare of television lights.
So Aldebaran will disappear on a dark background away from the dazzling glare of the sunlit lunar surface.
Sunlight falls on the slopes of the mountains and blinds one with a dazzling glare.
A wholly forsaken is this citizenry really, with no champions at all to espouse its cause for emancipation and empowerment; not even in that so-called civil society, so fond of taking out rallies and protest marches at the drop of a hat; not even among those rights activists who tire not in holding seminars and symposia in five-star hotels in the dazzling glare of cameras on anything on the earth promising publicity and projection to the sponsors, organisers and participants.
Sadly, those rumours were quickly denied by a spokeswoman for George Michael, but we live in hope and, in any case, those shades soon came in handy to cope with the dazzling glare off the horrendously coloured new results and betting graphics on At The Races.
This left him clear of Vettel in second place with Alonso third as dusk ushered in darkness and the dazzling glare of the track's floodlighting system.
Away from the dazzling glare of an increasingly fraught and fractious election campaign we will eventually get the answers that we deserve with regard t o the Iraq war.
The eclipse may be one of the most spectacular sights ever but it's important to protect your eyes against its dazzling glare.
The dazzling glare surrounding Owen has blinded people to the Fowler situation.
They're currently 12th and 13th magnitude, respectively, but the real problem is the dazzling glare of Mars itself, which is several hundred thousand times brighter.
Just as it will bathe you in glory, it will also zoom in and expose every little mistake and impose a dazzling glare upon your performance.