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Both hotels previously had managed manually their catering services but are now online with Daylight enterprise 2.
Both promotions come during a fast-paced growth period for Daylight Software, which is well known within the hospitality industry as an innovative technology vendor that provides the highest service levels in all aspects of customer relations.
We have been handling scheduling matters manually, so we are excited by the choice of Daylight enterprise.
We considered three different systems, including Newmarket Breeze, and found that Daylight enterprise was more user friendly and was the best system suited for these properties, especially in the areas of cost and functionality.
More than 200 users from a previous sales and catering system will be converted to the Daylight enterprise network.
After an exhaustive due diligence process, it became clear that the Daylight enterprise solution offers clear competitive and functionality advantages for Starwood," says Chris Wichers, Vice President of Sales Technology for Starwood.
The Daylight enterprise network now connects about 70 active system users.
Kelly, Vice President for Sales and Marketing at Daylight Software, Inc.
In the past five months alone, Daylight Software has entered into partnerships with Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Opryland Hotels, Ian Schrager Hotels, Boca Raton Resort and Club, Hotel Bel-Air, and Sonesta Hotels & Resorts.
Daylight products are true enterprise applications -- Daylight manages the data but the customer owns it.