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Richard H., U.S. physician, 1813-1892. See: Day test.


Richard L., U.S. pediatrician, 1905-1989. See: Riley-Day syndrome.


Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine.


Vox populi A 24-hr period. See NDA day, Personal day, Unhealthful day, Unhealthy day.


n doctor of Ayurvedic medicine.

Patient discussion about DAy

Q. Do you have ADHD from the day you are born? If so, what is the minimum age to test for ADHD?

A. yup, you have ADHD the day you are born. you can do a diagnose from the age of 5-6. but it's not an easy diagnosis and it needs a team of professionals to do it.

Q. why do Alternativ treatments are so popular now days?

A. In many chronic problems, mainly pain syndromes, the solutions the conventional medicine offers are not satisfying, so people turn to alternative medicine in search of a remedy. "Natural" products are considered safe compared to the "chemicals" of the conventional medications. Sometimes the alternative therapist is regarding the patient in a more holistic and empathic way than a conventional (usually over-worked) doctor. Many people try alt medicine as "if it won't work, it will do no harm" etc.

Q. how many calories should i eat per day i weigh 220 and am 5 feet 1 inch how many calories should i eat per day

A. if your aim is to loose weight, here is a site with a calorie calculator-

and here some advises on what to eat as a diabetic-

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Siegel explained that "the child who attends a day school finds himself in an educational system which provides a complete integration of Judaic and general studies so that the two worlds which exist for the child who attends public schools and congregational schools--the secular world and the religious world--do not exist for the day school child.
Wates Construction has been awarded an PS11 million contract by the Girls' Day School Trust to remodel the school's iconic Victorian buildings at Tankerville Terrace
This past Election Day brought with it good news for the Jewish day school community.
Names of day school students are being gathered for possible class action litigation, said Ray Mason of Peguis First Nation in Manitoba.
Since September, Grace Academy pupils have studied Malawi and become pen pals with pupils at the Chiwoko Community Day School.
The book begins with an astute assessment of the Jewish day school movement by Jack Werthheimer.
The integrated students must however maintain a minimum score of 70 per cent on their year-end report cards in order to continue attending day schools.
After the Second Circuit decision in Westchester Day School sending the matter back to the District Court, the District Court ruled, after a seven-day non-jury trial, that the Zoning Board not only violated RLUIPA but violated the long standing rules under New York Law favoring both religious and educational uses.
But for students of Adat Ari El Labowe Family Day School in Valley Village, such as Breanna, Hanukkah is an annual reminder of their blessings.
He will speak at the Cuba Day School, jointly organised by Wolverhampton Cuba Solidarity Campaign and the Indian Workers' Association.
The Department of Lifelong Learning (Doll) Orchestra at Bangor University is looking for new members and is hoping to attract new recruits to a day school on Saturday.
People are very interested in the day school because they don't have to commit themselves to a series of classes and it's more like a day out for them,' she said.