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This latest addition to the Chameleon line of industrial data modems is available through carrier outlets and value added resellers (VARs) specializing in wireless data and mobile computing solutions.
Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) has registered Westell's Quality Management System to TL9000 status for the design, manufacture and in-house repair of Data Modems as well as its NSA Products, and has registered all processes to ISO9001:2000 for the design, manufacture and in-house repair of its telecommunications equipment.
We explored many partners for our CDM819 data modem and determined that we and our customers would feel absolutely confident in the technology behind the Kyocera 200 module," said Robert Moses, national sales manager at Land-Cellular.
BANGALORE, India -- Mindteck (MUMBAI:MDTK) announced the successful development of BeeStack for Freescale Semiconductor to be used with HCS08 microcontroller and the MC1319X series of RF data modems.
a major manufacturer of portable data modems, for use of its patented cellular data communications technology.
Artera Turbo's data optimization technology delivers increased Internet speed over satellite as well as any other connection, making usage more enjoyable and efficient for Globalstar customers while they are surfing in remote locations using their satellite phones or data modems," said Michael Parrella, CEO, Artera Group, Inc.