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Palladia's ADSL VPN Router integrates an Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) engine with support for Data Encryption Standard (DES), Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES) and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), as well as Secure Hash and Message Digest Hashing in hardware.
Caymas Identity-Driven Access Gateways support the strongest commercial encryption algorithms available, including the Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES) and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) up to 256-bit, allowing secure transmission of data over public networks.
AES Encryption will replace the aging Data Encryption Standard, which NIST adopted in 1977 as a Federal Information Processing Standard used by federal agencies to protect highly sensitive, unclassified information.
The dsPIC30F Symmetric Key Encryption Library enables embedded designers to take advantage of the high data throughput intrinsic to the popular Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Triple Data Encryption Standard (DES) "Secret Key" algorithms.

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