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n in dentistry, a device of various configuration and composition used with a syringe for the application of anesthetic or other materials to a patient.
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Verbatim will continue to honor Carlisle's branded, private label and OEM quarter-inch data cartridge commitments with existing customers.
Tokyo, Mar 19, 2010 - (JCN Newswire) - TDK Corporation announced today that it completed development of the LTO Ultrium 5, the fifth-generation LTO (Linear Tape-Open) Ultrium format data cartridges and the cartridges recently passed certification testing by the LTO compliance verification entity (CVE).
Offering compact size and high capacity, DDS/DAT data cartridges are widely used for backup applications with entry-level servers.
Seagate Travan data cartridges include multi-language instructions for ease-of-use and are packaged individually as well as in three-pack configurations for increased customer value and convenience.
Travan data cartridge capacity and tape drive transfer rates and reliability has increased to keep pace with the needs of the SMB environment.
A significant evolution in the established QIC mini data cartridge format, Sony's QIC-Wide media achieved the increased storage capacity by widening the tape to .
5" floppy disk, plus they receive a $2 rebate on their next data cartridge purchase.
The promotion is available in specially-marked packages of Verbatim brand floppy disks and retail packaged quarter-inch data cartridges.
The Sentry Fire-Safe media chest, with pull-out disk organizer for desk-top use, is compact enough to slip into a desk or file drawer, yet holds dozens of diskettes, data cartridges and digital cassettes.
25-inch formats; data cartridges and digital audio tapes (DATs).