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n in dentistry, a device of various configuration and composition used with a syringe for the application of anesthetic or other materials to a patient.
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Travan data cartridge capacity and tape drive transfer rates and reliability has increased to keep pace with the needs of the SMB environment.
This new system platform diversity is fueled by the cost of its drive and data cartridge, the broad interface support and the proven reliability of Travan technology.
Earlier this year, Fujifilm introduced the first in the Fujifilm Data Tape Courier line - a single-use shipper especially designed for the safe handling and transport of small quantities of midrange and enterprise data cartridges from one location to another.
Convenient labeling of the eight data cartridges (or seven plus a cleaning cartridge) in two magazines offers controlled storage with easy media labeling for quick, convenient, and accurate off-site storage.
The Tandberg StorageLoader LTO-1 stands apart from existing rackmount autoloaders for ease of cartridge handling, as it is the only autoloader available with eight data cartridges stored in two removable magazines holding four cartridges each to ensure safe and easy loading of tape media and transport for off-site storage.
Maxell's data storage group provides one of the industry's broadest lines of premium digital recording media, including DLTtape, Super DLTtape, DLT S tape, LTO Ultrium, DDS / DAT and 3590E data cartridges, and is a full line supplier of recordable DVD media, including DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-RAM, as well as CD-R/RW media.
1) and subsidiary of the leading global imaging and information technologies company, today announced the Fujifilm Data Tape Courier - a new product specially designed for the safe handling and transportation of midrange and enterprise data cartridges containing backup and archival data.
Maxell's NeoSMART consists of seven advancements in engineering that are essential to the design and mass production of future-generation, ultra high-capacity data cartridges -- capacities that will be increasingly required to meet the demands of backup, archiving, business continuity and disaster recovery.
Offerings include DLTtape, Super DLTtape, LTO and DDS data cartridges.