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Samuel Taylor, U.S. physician in Panama, 1872-1925. See: Darling disease.
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Darling did not know, but after thinking back into her childhood she just remembered a Peter Pan who was said to live with the fairies.
Darling was puzzling over them when Wendy said with a tolerant smile:
Darling did not know what to think, for it all seemed so natural to Wendy that you could not dismiss it by saying she had been dreaming.
Darling examined them very carefully; they were skeleton leaves, but she was sure they did not come from any tree that grew in England.
Darling had bathed them and sung to them till one by one they had let go her hand and slid away into the land of sleep.
You won't see that when you watch ALL OF HER but you will see Darlings super hot scenes with April O'Neil and with Pepper Kester--and that's a firestorm you don't want to miss.
Mr Cunningham is not so much concerned to describe the bravery shown by the two Darlings but to 'describe and explain why an act of courage should have had such resonance' in British life for over 100 years.
Nick works hard to help the Darlings who consider themselves 'American royalty' to avoid potential disgraces, dispel rumours and keep their skeletons hidden.
WILFRID'S little darlings visited The Grace Darling Museum on Valentine's Day.
Nick (Krause) is a principled attorney whose father has spent most of his life looking after the Darlings, a family whose wealth is matched only by its eccentricities, with each member seemingly weirder than the next.
But the tiny office on Great Bernera in the Outer Hebrides - where the Darlings have a home - is expected to be saved.
The world is enchanted darlings, only properly charged with libido when we look at things awry, that is, through the distorting lens of our own desire, which means fantasy, sweetie-darling, fantasy.