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a room in a hospital or similar facility for the storage and processing of light-sensitive materials, such as x-ray film.


A room designed to be devoid of light. The darkroom is necessary for the development of radiographic film.


Enclosed area or chamber dimly lit by safelight (usually red) but otherwise intentionally lightproof room where films are handled and processed.


n a completely lightproof room or cubicle that is used in the processing of photographic, medical, and dental films. See also safe light.
n a darkroom for developing radiographic films, should be absolutely devoid of white light, as well as chemicals or dust that could damage the film while it is being processed; a filtered safe light of less than 15 watts should be the only light in the room.
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Phil turned his lifelong passion for photography into a career and worked as a photographer and darkroom technician at the Echo for 35 years.
The author's care and scholarship in reproducing many of the era's sources will make Darkroom a valuable teaching tool.
Late last year, we put out our own single on Darkroom Dubs, called Alive From The Opium Den, to celebrate the 50th release and we do quite a few remixes and DJMix CDs on the label as well.
There was a job going in the darkroom of the South Wales Echo and I joined in 1966.
Amid these chambers are, again, darkrooms draped with rows of black and white images of an uncannily depopulated city.
Figures For A Darkroom Voice veils its intentions behind a threshold of dense words and phrases in its prose poems: "Well, what we want starts with the letter s & is followed/by an alphabet that ignored the page like a bad pun, then/burned through it like a moth & phoenix grafted into a/punctuation mark" (39).
Gunhild has also worked closely with the sixth form, which has used traditional photography as part of their work for A-level, developing negatives and printing their own photographs in the darkroom.
Both educators and members of our advisory board stress the need for traditional black-and-white film and the traditional darkroom experience.
A photography studio and darkroom are also located in the barn.
The mobile van did not have a complete darkroom; instead, they used a portable darkroom.
STUDENTS on a photographic course at Warwickshire College have been learning about darkroom techniques from an expert.