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approaching black; reflecting little light.

dark cutting beef
the meat is much darker than normal on its cut surface; caused by preslaughter stress. Called also dark, firm dry muscle, DFD.
dark firm, dry muscle
see dark cutting beef (above).
dark film
x-ray film that has been overexposed, or grossly overdeveloped.
film dark spots
caused by developer splashing on the x-ray film causing prolonged local development.
dark room
a room dedicated to the processing of film; must be light-proof, temperature stable and fitted with water and power.

Patient discussion about dark

Q. What health condition would produce blood and dark colored semen?

A. any inflammation in that area can cause that. from the urethra to the testis. here is a symptom checker that show you all the conditions that causes blood to show up in your semen and their other symptoms:

Q. very dark blood clots @ first sight of period? At first sight of period, instead of normal rosy spotting it's brownish spotting followed by small clots.

A. totally agree with hottie, most likely that will be in normal range of variation. unless you feel some unusual pain, then you need to find medical advice. but it is also suggested for you to go to your ob-gyn doctor for a regular checkup anyway.
stay healthy always..

Q. after a pedicure, the soles of my feet are dark w/freckles, skin is itchy/thick, my derm says its eczema,help! the pedicure was in fall, 2002. I mad a mistake and wore nylon boots during a storm, the dye never fully disappeared. I would scrub the soles of my feet until I couldn't walk. However, within the last 4 months both heels are itchy, thick, dark-er and now they both have dark legions/ freckles have formed.

A. Are you sure you are going to a clean sterile saloon? It is very important to make sure they use sterile tools for a pedicure because they can transfer fungal infections very easily. Either way you should see a dermatologist to get the right kind of cream treatment for your feet.

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Male giraffes become more illustrious with age, but rather than the silvery locks that distinguish the likes of Sean Connery and George Clooney, the hairy blotches on these long-necked mammals darken with age.
The PhotoFusion lenses darken in 15-30 seconds and are clear again in five to 10 minutes.
This will darken and lighten specific portions of the image when the brush is applied in smooth strokes.
Time Will Darken It is a book that I've read a couple of times and still don't know how it properly works.
Mr Darken was elected eight months ago, but the ballot was ruled invalid.
The transparent materials in the device would have to recognize laser beams of any color and, as the atoms and molecules responded to the light, immediately darken to protect the eyes.
This software lets teachers darken or disable students' screens during lectures and broadcast one screen to others.
The exposed areas will become green with verdigris, while the sheltered ones will darken.
ANDY Darken, 49, a former national chairman of the Prison Officers Association has been cleared at Horseferry Road Magistrates Court of threatening behaviour towards union colleague Duncan Keys during an angry tirade.
In her poem "Apology," Joanna Klink writes: "Maybe you darken, already too much changed, / maybe in your house you would be content where / no incident emerges, but for smoke or glass or air, / such things held simply to be voiceless.
Donnelly's new GLARESTOPPER exterior mirror system for heavy trucks uses solid-state electrochromic coatings in conjunction with electrical current to darken the mirror and reduce glare.
Providing a different focus from his previous novels, Goodkind features Jennsen Daggett, the illegitimate daughter of Darken Rahl.