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Walter E., U.S. neurosurgeon, 1886-1946. See: Dandy operation, Dandy-Walker syndrome.
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His dandyism was not merely a whim or a cheap form of self-advertisement, but a strategy to experiment with different new modes of life, avoiding essentialist conclusions" (Cauwenberge, "Oscar Wilde and Postmodernism").
Through analyses like these, Leibhaftige Dekadenz reveals how the sexual body became the main feature of decadent dandyism, thereby forwarding the discussion around the dandy considerably.
One of the undeniable features among the Gothic heroes/villains is dandyism.
Balthesser is the first expression in German of the dandyism developed in Britain under the Regency and continued by Baudelaire and Wilde (and also anticipated, though Pietzcker does not mention him, by Buchner's Leonce).
There, dandyism survived from the Georgian period, aristocratic in its essence but based on temperament and style, not ancestry.
But the young Arnold reacted against this system with a famous detachment, a languid dandyism that resulted in the humiliation of a second-class degree, made up the following year by the win of an Oriel fellowship.
Garelick describes dandyism as "the performance of a solipsistic social icon" pointing to the inherent contradiction of a self "enclosed in a hermetic, autoseductive circle of narcissism" yet also dependent on an audience (5).
If the Greeks stressed the first two, Foucault seems to prefer novelty and uniqueness, not simply through his critique of unity but by his celebration of avant-garde dandyism and gay S/M for the "invention" of entirely "new lifestyles.
AGAINST THE FOIL of current trends or problematic genre labels such as post-Internet, and in contrast to the attitude of elusive detachment so prevalent among younger artists (who endlessly repeat the studied gestures of supposed dandyism and ironic coolness familiar from the early 2000s), the pathos of Wachtler's work, its embrace of craft, and its sense of personal investment register as idiosyncratic and even egregiously earnest, which may account for part of its attractiveness.
1) Barbey was also--with Balzac and Baudelaire (2)--an important theorist of French dandyism who hoped to rid this fashionable cultural phenomenon of its negative connotations.
Maura Reynolds of The LA Times noted that "there is a strong streak of dandyism among Pashtun males.
For her, Blok's wife was entrapped by a Pre-Raphaelite image of the fair lady, and it is demonstrated how earnestly at the beginning of the century Russian aesthetes embraced Wildean dandyism.