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Walter E., U.S. neurosurgeon, 1886-1946. See: Dandy operation, Dandy-Walker syndrome.
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Dan and Dean (Italia and Pilmore) did their dandiest to disappoint England, but mere alliteration was never going to sustain the Australian innings.
Results were: Dog in Best Condition Rebecca Whittaker Young at Heart Lily Percival Dandiest Dog Wendy Roberts Best RSPCA rescued Dog Janet Rice K9 Fashion Icon Sally Cocking Best Dog on the RSPCA Elderly Animal Rehoming Scheme Pauline Crompton Big Friendly Giant C Shearn Celebrity Dog Look a Like Joe Gallagher My Best Friend Lee Hughes Glossy and Glowing Megan Davis Best Six Legs Dale Stewart Child's Best Friend - handler over 8 yrs old Alison Moor Puppy Love Sophie Norcliffe Bonniest Bitch Jake Walton Best Rescued Dog Julie Hepworth Waggiest Tail Suzanne Hollas Best Junior Handler aged 9-16 Anne Clark Small is Beautiful Max Dawes Matched Pair Sue Blackwell
Fashion, said the dandiest of dandies Quentin Crisp, is what you adopt when you don't know who you are.