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Walter E., U.S. neurosurgeon, 1886-1946. See: Dandy operation, Dandy-Walker syndrome.
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Dandies are the only campfire-style vegan marshmallow on the market and they are free of gelatin and corn.
Hawkins also includes a helpful "List of Dandies," including their full names, band affiliations, and dates, for those unfamiliar with the repertoire.
Many of Glick's dandies paraded character traits and stylistic affectations relating to a sexual nature that others concealed or suppressed.
He claims the 3,000 hours of film were cut to this end - and of course it was narrated, dead-pan, by Dandies frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor.
Sebastian (Danso Gordon), who is African-American, rightly thinks the Dandies are whack.