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A resin resembling copal, obtained from various species of Shorea (family Dipterocarpaceae) in the East Indies; used, dissolved in chloroform, for mounting microscopic specimens.
[Hind. dāmar, resin]
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On the other hand, Yemen and International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) approved the new program of the integral rural development worth of $90 million to cover governorates of Lahj, Dhale, Hodaida, Taiz and Dammar.
Most of the motorcycle-used crimes were committed in the capital Sana'a with 18 cases, followed by 15 in Lahj province, 10 cases in each of Hadramout and Taiz provinces and 6 in Dhale province the others were committed in provinces of Aden, Baidha, Abyan and Dammar.
The Programme focuses initially on seven governorates of Abyan, Baidha'a, Dammar, Hajjah, Hodaidah, Lahj and Taiz.