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Harm, diminution, or destruction of an organ, body part, system, or function.
[M.E., fr. O.Fr., fr. L. damnum, loss, harm]
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The doctor asserts that ObamaCare, beyond the enormous costs and dislocations, directly inserts itself damagingly into the doctor-patient relationship.
I would make moves at the wrong time and, equally damagingly, decide not to make moves partly out of a desire not to lose face.
He said: "Everyone is familiar with the economic challenges, most currently and damagingly being felt at LDV.
The usual taunt is that I have been 'brainwashed' from birth, when it has been anything but that in my life, though the environment we live in being quite oppressive at times, with the misguided literally being dangerously bigoted and damagingly unreasonable.
At the heart of the issue is debilitating lack of self-awareness, self-analysis, and, most damagingly, accountability.
Stein suggests, plausibly, that mainstream criticism has tended to avert its eyes from the psychological implications of these strikingly frequent configurations, out of a reluctance to confront destructive narratives, since a pervasive biographical reflex in Storm studies means these could reflect damagingly on perceptions of the author's psyche.
Bush, his top generals and his diplomats so stubbornly and damagingly refuse to answer.
3-5) SAMA's attitude harkens back, damagingly, to closed bureaucracies, institutional possessiveness and competitive small-mindedness.
Since then both the channel and the country have faced an uncertain future, with a spate of assassinations, demonstrations and, most damagingly, July's war with Israel that saw more than 1,000 Lebanese killed.
A life that was becoming more educated, a life that was actively being a positive contributor to society, a life that has been regarded by Diverse as the catalyst for the "fortuitous find" of the "TSU 3," maliciously defames and damagingly misrepresents everyone involved in the tragic affair.
For the Roman Catholic bishops, as documented by Tadhg O hAnnrachain, the question of how and to what extent a Catholic restoration should be pursued proved to be damagingly divisive.
And earlier this year reports suggested a row between contractors Multiplex and landowners Quintain Estates had put the construction of a walkway linked to the pounds 757m project damagingly behind schedule.