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Colloquial term descriptive of the segmented forms (merozoites) of the mature schizont of Plasmodium malariae.
Referring to a pattern with a central mass surrounded, rosette-like, with oval structures that abut a central mass at one end


n Latin name:
Bellis perennis; parts used: buds, leaves; uses: antifungal, blood cleanser, pain reliever, diarrhea, cough, stomach spasms, arthritis; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children. Also called
bairnwort, bruisewort, common daisy, day's eye, and
wild daisy.


acronym for Dairy Information System—a well-known herd health program and dairy information management system. Designed at Reading University, UK.
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One in every 10 plants on the planet belongs to this family and you'll find daisies in every imaginable habitat, from tropical forest to alpine mountainside.
The common name for Aster cordi-folius is wood aster - its wild relatives grow on the outskirts of woodland and its ability to cope with shade make it a very versatile plant - few daisies can cope with shady sites.
For those who prefer to stick to cultivated daisies (although the great majority we use are wild flowers from some other part of the world) there are plenty to choose.
Many showed their support by wearing daisies in their hair, as well as Guy Fawkes masks which have become synonymous with the hacker group.
ANTALYA (CyHAN)- While the southern cities of Turkey have been covered with snow, in the world-famous tourism attraction Antalya, daisies show their faces as a reminiscent of spring.
For the first time ever iconic black cabs in the capital will be adorned in Daisies to create a Marc Jacobs Daisy chain.
Organizations such as the Cherry Creek North Business Improvement District and Downtown Denver Partnership will also plant the daisies in landscaping beds in their respective jurisdictions.
If you confined yourself to growing nothing but daisies, you could still see plenty of flowers 12 months of the year - and in every color of the rainbow besides.
Craven's large-scale Dear in Daisies, 1998, and smaller postscripts such as Dear and Daisies (The Life of Fawn), 2002, and Little Dear, 2002, feature an innocent-looking young fawn nestled in a sylvan field of daisies--the deer image lifted directly from the film-within-a-film of Soylent Green's beautiful and antiseptic planned-death clinic called Home.
NEW YORK-Roses are red, violets are blue, and in this fall's new rugs, daisies are popping up in almost every hue.
Each nominated nurse has the chance to receive a bouquet of fresh daisies, dinner for two at a local restaurant, a relaxing massage at a local spa and a personalized congratulatory certificate.