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abbreviation for diffuse axonal injury.
A midwife in rural India
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BGE, under the terms of the agreement, will procure membrane evaporators from Dais and design, buy and build-out the balance of the water pollution treatment systems, while Dais will be extending assistance and support pertaining to the NanoClear segment of the system.
Marjina came to the dais in Balgachi during her second pregnancy, on the advice of a friend.
On being invited to dais, Ahmad said, "I am happy that Netaji (Mulayam) invited me here.
Project testing will take place at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), providing the HVAC industry with independently verified data demonstrating that Dais technology can improve rooftop unit energy efficiency by almost 90% t over units installed currently, reduce carbon-di-oxide emissions, eliminate fluorocarbon refrigerants that accelerate climate change and improve end-user comfort with independent management of temperature and humidity.
Training Profile of Dais: Most of the dais were trained in both the areas (80%), although dais in Sundernagri were better with regards to number of trainings received.
Terming as "really astonishing" Malik's sharing of the dais with Saeed in Pakistan, Javadekar said the whole country was angry over the incident.
Then Queen Elizabeth II was at the reception of HH the Amir at the Royal Dais in Datchet Road, Windsor.
Dais urges you to keep in mind that there will be sunnier days for your moon.
Scruffy, smart and vintage Describe your look from head to toe: Hair by Gavin at the Vinery, T-Shirt from Dais boutique in the Byram Arcade, belt from Magic, boots are Doc Martins, accessories from Test-Icicles What's your favourite shop?
A one-notch upgrade for DAIS would be mainly triggered by a sustained improvement in its credit profile in terms of market franchise and positioning, business growth, operating performance and capital levels relative to its business profile.
Either or both of two solutions are available: to train a cadre of community midwives (CMWs) recruited from rural areas to return to their villages and/or to upgrade the knowledge and performance of traditional birth attendants, or dais.
CDATA[ Democratic congressmen booed off the dais at traditionally liberal Reform synagogues throughout the US, according to columnist David Goldman.