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1. the occupation of being a dairy farmer.
2. the practice of running a dairy farm.

seasonal dairying
breeding the herd as a block so as to have the herd calve when feed supplies are good.
year-round dairying
a management system in which cows are bred to calve so that there is a constant influx of freshly calved cows.

Patient discussion about dairying

Q. I am lactose intolerant. Can I have any other dairy food?

A. If you are lactose intolerant then you must avoid all lactose containing foods like milk, yoghurt & cheese. You can consume these dairy products If your intolerance is less or else you can have cultured yoghurt and lactobacillus milk as a better dairy option.

Q. my son was diagnosed with mild asthma and the doctor said that he should refrain from dairy products. Does that mean that he shouldn’t eat anything which has milk in it – like cakes, or pudding? Are there any other types of food which aren’t recommended for asthmatics?

A. if it's just a little bit of milk in a cake- that shouldn't be a problem. but if it's a cheese cake- well..
it all depends on the amount. but the less he'll consume the better. you know Chinese do not eat dairy products at all and live very happy. in some of the foods that have milk in it you can swap it in soy milk.

Q. Can asthma get worse by eating dairy products?

A. It has not been proven that asthma has a connection to eating dairy products, and therefore asthmatic attacks shouln't be considered as related to eating such food.

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