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Leaves of Leonotis leonurus, a plant found in South Africa, where it is smoked like tobacco with mild sedative effect; a term mistakenly applied to Indian hemp, Cannabis sativa.
[aborigines' term]
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Police recently said importers of dagga are becoming as rich and powerful as those trafficking Class A drugs like cocaine and heroin.
Hy het dikwels gedrink en dagga gerook en in so 'n toestand het by geen verstand gebad van enige iets nie.
Another accused, Sushil Dagga, arrested by a CBI team in the evening
In South Africa, the most common street names for marijuana are dagga, ganja, intsango, stuff, matekwane, kaya or Durban poison.
Die heerlikheid van God word uitgedruk in "oemwet", 'n woord wat in die omgangstaal dagga beteken.
Lasarow said patients with AIDS were being 'mugged and robbed of their ARVs', which were smoked in a dagga cocktail, while other desperately poor patients were selling their pills to make money.
The age of initiation for glue was reported as 9 years old, alcohol 10-12 years old, dagga 11-12 years old, poly-drug use (alcohol, tobacco and dagga) 14 years old, and harder drugs such as cocaine and heroine at 16-17 years old.
The pole and dagga huts (with earth floors) became damp and made life difficult for the people.
The gangs are taking advantage of the low price of the South African product - known locally as dagga - to enjoy profit margins as high as 4000 per cent.
In Hillbrow, even at this hour, you can still watch a strip show, a no-holds barred live sex cabaret, get a beer or something stronger, hit a twist of dagga (marijuana), snort a line of coke, indulge in any kind of sexual activity you can think of (and many others that you can't) or just cruise and watch, as we're doing.
In-situ underground cut-off grades used for the December 31, 2003 reserve for the underground shaft operations include: Springs Dagga #1 at 4.