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Leaves of Leonotis leonurus, a plant found in South Africa, where it is smoked like tobacco with mild sedative effect; a term mistakenly applied to Indian hemp, Cannabis sativa.
[aborigines' term]
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Owing to the frequency of cannabis or dagga use relative to other non-alcohol substance use, we were interested in examining the associated demographic and clinical characteristics associated with cannabis or dagga (Table 3).
Some subjects mentioned concurrent use of seeds and other drugs such as Leonotis nepetifolia (Klip Dagga, Lion's Ear), dextromethorphan and Peganum harmala.
50) The Court reasoned that the leadership vacuum meant there was no way to dispense dagga that would prevent abuse.
The gang is thought to have made more than pounds 25 million from the scam after buying the drugs from South Africa where a form of marijuana, known locally as dagga, sells for as little as 40p a kilo.
And I would love if somebody proves me wrong on this, as I am writing a whole book on Namibia's past and present, with chapters on music--from dagga to schnaps, etc--and I am trying to get more non-white information.
One of the Inspectors got back into the vehicle and said, "those fuckers have been smoking dagga [marijuana]
Both his parents abused alcohol and his father smoked dagga (cannabis).
He often drank and smoked dagga, and in this state he had no understanding of anything.
There are various types of buildings within the khaya: traditional pole and dagga (mud) huts, mud-brick huts, and cement-brick buildings.
It is therefore not surprising that there was a considerable amount of drinking, smoking of dagga, and, perhaps partly as a result, petty and sometimes more serious crime.
The young people were taking guns to school, some were smoking dagga.