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Dorsal and ventral surfaces of dactyl with submedian longitudinal ridges flanked by setiferous punctations; basal half of opposable margin with four well-developed tubercles, a large prominent tubercle at midlength, and eight distal tubercles in two interdigitated row (dactyl tubercle formula: 0, i, 5, I, 4).
The fact that Greek had a number of verse feet (anapest, dactyl, trochee, spondee) but only a single phonological foot (moraic trochee) shows us that the feet used in meter and the feet used in phonology and prosodic morphology MUST BE distinct.
For example, the headset you wear to see your way around Dactyl Nightmare houses two tiny TV screens, one for each eye.
The heavy, chant-like effect of the trochaic and dactyl feet makes sense given the stomping or marching-style dance of the wine treaders.
After freezing the animals, we severed their claws, examined the dentition of the cutting surfaces, and measured propal height, propal length, propal depth, dactyl length (L2), and the distance from the claw's pivot to the insertion of the closer muscle apodeme (L1; Fig.
That last line is supposed to have only three beats, so she is writing a dactyl followed by two iambs.
Poetry you may do the map of Hell softly one voice with viol in green habit or consort twelve Maniacs and Fantastics in measured epic dactyl Far back thinner coranto one Labadist one Cynic.
LEO SPEAKS fluent Dactyl (Pterodactyl, you slow fucks).
Lisa Low and Anthony John Harding (Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1994) 209-10, deftly explains that "instead of reading the line as `Grief, which / Verse did / restrain' (trochee, trochee, iamb)--which is what would be suggested by accentual-syllabic theory--Coleridge notices that the heavy accents on `Grief' and `Verse' override the demands of regularized trimeter, pulling the first syllable of `restrain' into a dactyl with `Verse did,' and leaving the last syllable on its own, filling up the space of one metrical foot.
MY mother insists there was a group in the '70s called Terry Dactyl and the Dinosaurs.
Crayfish possess five pair of periopods, the first is modified into a large chela and dactyl (Pennak 1978; Hobbs 1989).
Cross, who has been quizzed as part of a nationwide investigation code-named Operation Dactyl, issued a statement following his decision.