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Molecular and cytotaxonomic studies of these populations will help to evaluate this problem.
Cytotaxonomic study of 12 species in the Polypodiaceae from southern China.
Karyotypic survey, geographic distribution of cytotypes and cytotaxonomic considerations.
In order to reconcile the apparent disparity in the cytotaxonomic and zooarchaeological evidence, two explanations may be considered:
Of course, it is always necessary to identify mosquito specimens by morphological or cytotaxonomic methods as far as possible before subjecting them to the destructive process of electrophoresis for zymotaxonomic purposes.
A cytotaxonomic study of the Asplenium adiantum-nigrum complex.
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Cytotaxonomic study of Genus Hymenasplenium (Aspleniaceae) in Xishuangbanna, Southwestern China.
This last fact is potentially enlightening, because (for example) of Mandal and Ray's (2001) cytotaxonomic study of the genus Nitella (Charophyceae), in which a uniform chromosome number of n = 18 was found.
A cytotaxonomic study of ferns of Yunnan, southwestern China.