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Reoeganization of actin cytoskeleton of nuclear erythrocytes and leukocytes in fish, frogs and birds during migration.
The taxanes and vinca alkaloids target that part of the cytoskeleton known as microtubules.
Independent of calpain, the researchers also found that host PKC played an important role in the loss of protein adducin from the host cytoskeleton, contributing greatly to its collapse.
The cytoskeleton with the membrane skeleton surrounds and supports the contractile apparatus and forms an association with the plasmalemma.
The cytoskeleton (microtubules and microfilaments) is critical to most cell functions, but particularly cell signalling, receptor function, and mitosis.
In summary, the cellular cytoskeleton network is involved in the SARS-CoV maturation and possibly replication process.
Original papers will cover topics important in the field, including assembly of cell adhesion complexes, biological functions and molecular interactions of ECM molecules, cytoskeleton plasticity and related signalling cascades, cell fusion, immune synapse formation or axon growth and guidance both in physiological condition such as organogenesis and development (special attention will be paid to papers related to stem cells migration or cell intercalation) or pathological conditions such as cancer cell migration or degenerative diseases.
The axonal initial segment (AIS), a stretch of 50 100 om length close to the cell body, bears a specialized cytoskeleton and maintains the polarized distribution of neuronal molecules by blocking the exchange of molecules between axon and soma.
th] March, 2015 that one of its oncology pipeline drug candidates, Anisina (ATM-3507), has achieved a major milestone in its development, confirming the concept that comprehensive destruction of a cancer cell's cytoskeleton can deliver a powerful anti-cancer effect.
The movement of cells requires the "remodeling" of a supporting cell structure called the actin cytoskeleton.
Among his specific topics are cellular activation processes, cell membrane receptors and phospholipids, signaling cascades, cell proliferation, apoptosis, control of the cytoskeleton, cell defense and survival, and the cell cycle.
Finally, treatment of the cells with PLE prevented UV-induced morphological changes in human fibroblasts, namely disorganisation of F-actin-based cytoskeletal structures, coalescence of the tubulin cytoskeleton and mislocalization of adhesion molecules such as cadherins and integrins.