cytopathogenic effect

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cytopathogenic effect

the degenerative or morphological changes in a cultured cell caused by cytopathic damage, including chromosomal aberrations, membrane permeability, and protein synthesis. The damage is especially associated with the multiplication of certain viruses.


pertaining to or emanating from cytopathogenesis.

cytopathogenic effect
having a destructive effect on cells. See also cytolytic.
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The antiviral activity of oral drops and dry extract was measured with plaque-reduction assays (Cooper 1955) in plaque forming units (PFU) for FluA and pFluA, Para 3, RSV, HRV 14, CA9 or with the analyses of a cytopathogenic effect (CPE) for Adeno 5.
The antiviral activity was determined in plaque-reduction assays (PFU) for FluA, pFluA, Para 3, RSV, HRV 14 and CA9 or with the analyses of a cytopathogenic effect (CPE) for Adeno 5.
Determination of virus-induced cytopathogenic effects and virus titres revealed that EPs [R] 7630 at concentrations up to 100 [micro]g/ml interfered with replication of seasonal influenza A virus strains (H1N1, H3N2), respiratory syncytial virus, human coronavirus, parainfluenza virus, and coxsackie virus but did not affect replication of highly pathogenic avian influenza A virus (H5N1), adenovirus, or rhinovirus.
Table 1 Influence of EPs [R] 7630 on virus-induced formation of cytopathogenic effects (CPE) and on cell viability.
during the growth or the stationary phase) different cytopathogenic effects might be observed.
To measure the inhibitory effect on the viral cytopathogenic effects (CPE) in cell culture, nebrodeolysin was exposed to different cell cultures that were infected by a variety of DNA and RNA viruses.