cytoplasmic matrix

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cy·to·plas·mic ma·trix

a fluid cytoplasmic substance filling the interstices of the cytoskeleton.
Synonym(s): cell matrix, cytomatrix
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Prior to Alseres, he held senior executive roles and directorships at several public and private companies--including CEO of CytoMatrix Inc.
The Geelong Future Industry Project (GFIP), a part of the Coalition Government s $11 million Skilling the Bay Initiative, allowed local biotechnology company Cytomatrix, Geelong based engineering firm Austeng and Deakin University to construct the facility.
One of its other subsidiaries, Cytomatrix, based in New Jersey, holds a series of patents for a unique three-dimensional cellular growth technology.
A further open possibility is that presynaptic microtubules remain crosslinked to docked synaptic vesicles by means of a complex presynaptic scaffold protein network referred to as the cytomatrix of the active zone (CAZ).
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Miltenyi Biotec; Life Technologies; Replicell; Neximmune; TC Biopharm; Pluristem Therapeutics; ReNeuron; Voria Biomaterials; CellProthera; and Cytomatrix.
President and a Director of CyGenics, President of Cordlife, and President and Chief Executive Officer and a Director of Cytomatrix.
Steve Peltzman currently serves on the board of directors of Cytomatrix, LLC, a biotherapeutics company and Select Therapeutics, Inc.
Prior to Alseres, Mark co-founded and led three development-stage biotechnology companies - Cygenics, Oramax and Cytomatrix - where he was responsible for overall management, capital formation and development efforts.
He previously held product development and business management positions at Bausch & Lomb and Corning-Costar Life Science and was Chief Operating Officer of Molecular Geodesics and Cytomatrix.