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cytologic, cytological

See cytology.


(si-tol'o-je) [ cyto- + -logy]
The science that deals with the formation, structure, and function of cells. cytologiccytological (sit?o-loj'ik) ('i-kal), adjective

exfoliative cytology

Microscopic examination of cells obtained from body excretions, e.g., from the anus or genitourinary tract.

imprint cytology

The study of cellular morphology or of tissue diseases after a clinical specimen, e.g., a bone marrow biopsy, is dabbed on a microscope slide. It is used in some settings as an adjunct or alternative to fine needle aspiration biopsy, frozen sectioning, and other pathological techniques.

liquid-based cytology

Abbreviation: LBC
A means of performing a Papanicolaou test (Pap test) in which the head of the plastic spatula used to obtain cells from the endocervix is inserted directly into a vial containing a fluid cellular preservative. The vial is spun in the laboratory, and a pellet of pure cells is obtained. This cellular layer is then deposited on a microscope slide and examined for evidence of cellular atypia or frank cancer. The liquid-based cytology differs from traditional cervical cytology in that the contents of the spatula are not smeared directly onto a microscope slide. This reduces the number of specimens received by the laboratory that are unable to be interpreted pathologically.

sputum cytology

The examination of cells obtained from mucus in the upper or lower respiratory tract to see if cancer cells are present. See: sputum specimen.

cytological, cytologic

pertaining to cytology.

cytological examination
examination of material for purposes of cytology. Carried out on cerebrospinal fluid, joint fluid, aspirates of body cavities and cystic lesions. Includes total and differential counts.
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9) Studies by Takagi et al, (9) Vellios et al (11) and Sears et al (12) have suggested a clear preference for cellblock sections in cytological examination of effusions.
The samples for cytological examination were collected simply by inserting nasal swab into the nostrils which is quite feasible in field settings.
A synergistic approach with meticulous cytological examination and haematological, cytochemical and other relevant investigations enable an accurate diagnosis.
Diagnosis was based on cytological examination of nasal discharge which clearly differentiates from other nasal tumors (Moulton, 1978).
Two cases of clinically diagnosed fibrocystic disease showed only one as fibrocystic disease other as fibroadenoma on cytological examination.
The present study was based on the premise that cytological examination of fluids and fine needle aspirates, no matter how carefully prepared, leaves behind some residue that is not further investigated and that might contain valuable diagnostic material.
For cytological examination smears prepared from ear swabs were stained with methylene blue.
Cytological examination showed acini composed of cubodial cell with round uniform, vesicular nucleus and vacuolated cytoplasm.
Cytological examination of impression smears is considered as reliable and rapid test for diagnosis of Malassezia dermatitis (Plant et al.
The authors believe that the cytological examination of the ascitic and pleural liquid in patients with ovarian tumors is critical in order to differentiate between reactive processes and tumor spread.
In addition, efficacy of cytological examination of fresh crusts/scabs by Giemsa technique in rapid diagnosis of dermatophilosis is also delineated.
CT guided FNAC was done and cytological examination showed presence of plenty of intracellular and extracellular budding yeast cells (picture 2).